Top 10 Vacation Spots I Need To Conquer

This is the time of year for resolutions. Everyone makes these lofty goals, gets that new gym membership, starts that new diet… well my passion is traveling so here are my top 10 vacation destinations (wait for it) that I want to make happen over the next 2 years.

After my breakup last year I decided I wanted to get lost in travel, promising myself to not hesitate even for a second when it came to wanting to explore new places and experience new cultures even though I had never traveled alone. I decided the best way would be to jump into the deep end and go to the furthest place possible and just do it, no hesitation. I picked Tokyo and loved it. Booked it just a few weeks out, planned excursions for every day, and had the time of my life. I felt like I had just unlocked a secret level in a video game…

If I can do Tokyo alone, I can go anywhere…

I’ve been lost in wanderlust ever since. The second I get back from one trip I book the next. September was Tokyo, December was Greece, and I’ve just booked Australia for March.

[Give me a couple seconds as I let that sink in: I’m. Going. To. AUSTRALIA. In. March. Ok, im good now.]

If you had asked me last year my top 3 places I wanted to travel to in my life I’d have picked those three. It wouldn’t have even been conceivable to me that I could do all 3 in 7 months. No hesitations. And it’s not like I’ve even drastically changed my spending habits. I’ve just looked for deals and taken them. They’re out there. And now that I know I can do this I wanted to put together my dream list of vacation destinations. Before this would have been a ‘bucket list’, as in ‘do these before you die’. Forget that. I want to do these in the next two years and then make another list.

So, in no particular order, letting the pictures do the talking, these are the countries I want to be checking off my list over the next 2 years:

  • Iceland


  • Norway


  • The Netherlands

Canal at night in Amsterdam

  • Thailand


  • Egypt


  • Brazil


  • Italy

Whispers From The Past - (The Colosseum - Rome, Italy)

  • England


  • South Africa


I don’t know if you noticed, but there’s 11 spots in my top 10. I don’t care! When you see these pictures, doesn’t your brain go to a happy place and you just picture yourself there having the time of your life? Mine does. These places are all there for the taking, and while getting them all in over the next two years might be pushing it, I’m going to absolutely enjoy trying. Has anyone been to these places already? What are some other spots I need to add to future lists? Here’s to wanderlust!

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  1. Just read this and it answers my last question I write you on our blog. We have been to the majority of locations you are wanderlusting about and am more than happy to share some hints and tips if you want them. Good for you for getting out there and travelling solo. I did it round the world and lived in Australia when I was 25, then again but lived in in Canada when I was 29. It’s in our opinion the best way to live your life… so many experiences and memories. Happy new year and we hope you make every location you wish too.

    1. It’s my passion and what I think about daily. I feel like the more I travel the more I want to travel even further and more often. I’ll definitely pick your brain when it comes to travel destinations!

  2. Brilliant destinations! I saw northern lights out of the cockpit window over Greenland two days ago! Was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in nature…or at least for a long time!!!

        1. I’m even more jealous of you now that I read that you’re a first class flight attendant and get to travel evvvvvveeeerrryyywhere… lol I look forward to following u. Hope you’ll follow back 🙂

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your post. All I do is think of the beautiful places I want to travel to. This year it’s the Amazon. I’m going to South America. I would love to backpack there and see all of the intimacy and nature has to offer as well as the culture. Your list is inspiring to me glad I stop by to enjoy it. New to your page.

    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. I’m seriously addicted to travel. It’s my drug. I love it. I make posts like this almost to force myself to do everything I can to make these trips happen. I’m glad you found the blog and really hope you’ll follow! You might be the first to follow under its new name “Batman Travels” soooo you should get a prize? Lol. I’m gonna be jealous of your trip to the amazon. That’s another one of those places everyone should experience. I’m gonna have to add it to my next list!

  4. Wanderlust indeed!
    Australia has been on the top of my list for a long time – great choice!
    Been to England, Germany, France & Holland. Super for architecture, art & history buffs. France offers amazing culinary delites.
    Some friends of mine took several Norwegian cruises & got super deals that included side excursions like whale watching & watching giant glaciers fall into the sea (videos were incredible!)
    Hawaii was a fin trip as well, but there were soooo many tourists. The smaller islands were much better – black sand beaches, crystal clear lagoons perfect for snorkeling. Going over a live volcano in a helicopter was pretty awesome too!
    All that said, Our next trip is just to La Féria ?. Still looking forward to it, though. Opportunity to get away, see a lot of friends & get spiritually energized.
    Glad you survived your last trip and hope all goes well “down under”.
    By the way, I’ll be happy to take care of Guinness & Shiner again. No worries.

  5. Ah Eric, you definitely have a severe case of wander lust, just like me. All of these places look wonderful. I’ve been to A few of them (Italy, England, The Netherlands). Egypt would be awesome but for me Canada’s the top of the list. Anywhere really. This post just makes me want to get up and go! Happy traveling my fellow wonderluster!

    1. I guess to someone from Australia Canada really is across the globe. I’ve only been to Montreal for a little over a week visiting my cousin around 10 years ago but it was a blast. I can’t wait until I can check each of these destinations off my list. I’ll feel so accomplished!

      1. Go, it’s awesome! We went in the winter but I would definitely want to go back in the summer to go hiking and also kayaking in some of the fjords. Although winter was awesome too 🙂 and if you can, when you go, go up north. We went all the way up to Tromsø and it was really cool!

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