Montreal 2006

October 21st – 30th, 2006

I found a long lost online journal I kept for this trip from almost exactly a decade ago. It had to be my very first blog of any kind. The posts were on an obscure blogging website, and the pictures and videos I had placed in the posts originally were no longer there, so before everything else disappears from existence completely, I decided to copy and paste everything and transfer it over to here, re-inserting the photos where they were originally.

Here are those posts, 11 in all, word for word as I typed them back in ’06, pics and all.

The Montreal Diaries


Oh Canada
Little Things
It’s Good To Be In Canada
Tokyo Bar
A Good Night To Chill
The Blonde in White
Day in the City / Tales From the Crypt
There’s No “I” in “Eric and Chad”
Spanish is Fun When You’re Buzzing
Running Like A Burn Victim
Finally Home

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