Fun With Binge Traveling, No Time to Rest

I have so many things I need to do right now.

So I just got back from my Australian adventures.
It really was one of the best experiences ever.

I managed to knock out many of the things I listed in my “Help Me Think of Cool Things To Do in Sydney and Australia” post which made it so much fun.

Australian adventure
That’s me in the hat. How cool is this pic?

So awesome were the Australian adventures, in fact, that I decided to bring a little bit back home with me in the form of a nagging chest cold. (Don’t worry, I’m starting to feel a little better.)

And just as I tease you with that epic photo above, I should warn you.

This isn’t going to be a post about my Australian adventures.
The Australia vacation video filled with those adventures will be up soon loaded with pics and videos.

So stay tuned.

This post, however, is all about how, as I’ve arrived home safe and sound, I’m realizing everything that I’m completely behind on.

When I got to the awesomeness that was the lann dann undahh, I planned on blogging nightly of my Australian adventures while I was there. It’s the easiest way mainly because the details are still fresh in your head, so they come out with ease.

The first hotel and its spotty wifi didn’t want to cooperate though.

No biggy. I’ll just post of all my adventures in the past tense from home.

But then I got sick. I’m just thankful this chest cold waited to land on me until I got to my house and comfy couch instead of landing on me before that looooooong travel day coming back. I’d have been in my own personal hell.

I know exactly how I got sick too.

Without going into too much detail, it has to do with the tiniest penguins you’ve ever seen parading out of the ocean, in groups of around 4 to 8, all waddling across the Australian beach at sunset.

All the while, us humans are sitting in the suddenly bone-chilling cold wind and pouring rain watching this awesome spectacle, slowly freezing to death.

Phillip island penguin parade

Again though, this post isn’t about my Australian adventures.
Those come later.

So where was I? Ah yes, coughing on my couch.

Can you imagine how horrible this would have been if I was coughing my lungs out trapped on a 13 hour flight on a quiet plane with everyone quietly hating me?

Thankfully, God was merciful on me. And these last two days I’ve spent coughing up a lung have been from the comfort of my couch while binge watching Iron Fist on Netflix.

My Soon to be Expiring Passport

Now as I’m starting to feel a little better, I’m remember that I need to get my passport renewed. Passports expire every 10 years, and mine is up May 31st.

And when is my Thailand trip? Late May-ish right? Let me check…

Jesus, I take off May 8th. That’s exactly 1 month away.

Now I couuuuuld check and see if Thailand is one of the countries that lets you in even if your passport is days away from expiring. But chances are, they are like most countries and don’t let you in if you’re within like 6 months or so of your expiration date.

Personally I don’t like cutting it so close anyway. I picture walking into the Thailand airport and a customs agent taps me on the shoulder with a tiny armed monkey by his side pulling me aside for an extra security check cuz of my passport.

No bueno.


S0 I’m now going to google where to get my passport renewal expedited and how much it’ll cost me.
I’m have a feeling I’m going to be cutting it a little close.

I’m so happy to be able to check Australia off my list of top vacation vacation spots I need to conquer. Have you seen my list? Click that link and check it out.

I’m proud that I’m actually on schedule to knock them all off one by one.

Ahh fun with binge traveling.
It really is the best


Do you travel a lot? Where’s your dream spot to travel to? Got any good tips for Thailand coming up? Have you had your own Australian adventures?

Let me know in the comments below, and as always, please follow and share this blog if you like it. I love traveling and half the fun is writing about it after the fact.

Coming very soon. my Australian adventures vacation video!
(Stay tuned).

26 Replies to “Fun With Binge Traveling, No Time to Rest”

  1. Aww sucks to get it sick (it always does) but like others said, these penguins were worth it! Have you tried using Oregano oil? These days when I travel I carry a small bottle with me and as soon as I feel a little tickle I take a few drops a couple of times a day. I find nothing beats eating raw garlic to boost the immune system and stop a cold dead on its tracks, but oregano oil is more portable and at least you won’t scare people off with the stink (though there are ways to stop the smell). Anyway I hope you recover super fast and get your passport on time! Looking forward to reading your Australian posts.

  2. Hey Eric, I am jealous of your travel adventures story here. Sounds that you having a lot of fun which makes me tempted to travel again. I travel 3 countries – Japan and Australia and New Zealand. I enjoy a lot but due to the busy schedule, I can’t travel a single country this year. Quite a disappointed.

    And take care of your sick and I wish you recover as soon as possible. Personally, I feel is worth when you get sick but in return having fun there. Don’t you think so?

    I am also tempted to see more photos to be upload from you.

    Do take note of your passport renewal date.This is serious when you going to travel. ^^

    1. Thank you Maxx! I hope you’ll follow me on Instagram as that’s where I plan on uploading all my Australian adventures and pics. Follow @batmantravels on Instagram. Thanks!

  3. I feel like I should have warned you about those frosty little penguins on the beach, I live just down the road (well, a couple of hours down the road, in Melbourne) and every time I’ve seen them I’ve caught a rotten cold, too.

    I actually knew a guy who got turned back at the airport in Thailand, he didn’t mention there being any monkeys…but it’s a hell of a long flight just to be sent home!

    I hope you feel better soon, I want to see your photos!

    1. Ha! I definitely don’t want to be turned away from Thailand, that’s for sure! And yes, I’m finally feeling better. Thank you and thanks for your comment! Are you following me on Instagram? Follow @batmantravels on Instagram and you’ll get tons of pictures of all my travels usually in real time. I’m actually thinking of making that my travel blog instead of posting there and then writing an article here. I love blogging, but when you’re traveling as much as I am you have to be efficient! lol. Thanks again!

  4. I think its totally worth it to get sick watching penguins. I would have died in happiness! I was waiting to get some sort of Batman reference in regards to The Penguin (how disappointing lol). Anyways, hope you feel better soon and look forward to hearing about your Australia update. Oh yea – get that passport renewed!

  5. How much I envy you, in the good way. I will be waiting for your Australia´s posts and pictures. I´m going to try and visit it someday. Other places I will like to visit are Canada, Netherlands and Japan. Did you take picture of the wild live like the giant bats? I know you did with the penguins. Will be following you.

    1. I took lots of pictures that’s for sure. You should follow my Instagram account. In fact, I’m thinking of making my Instagram my one stop shop for my travel blog. It’s just so much easier to post there which automatically shares to Facebook and twitter and not have to worry about writing all about it all over again here. I’m starting to do mini blogs within my Instagram and starting to like it! Follow me @batmantravels. The pictures won’t disappoint. Lots coming! Go follow!

  6. A very nice read:) I am looking forward reading your adventures in Australia:) and I am really sorry you get sick but… it was worth 🙂 you had fun:)
    O..about passport…The same happened to me when i was ready to travel to Romania this winter i realized that my passport was expiring in 3 weeks but:) lucky:) I could travel 🙂
    So thanks for such an interesting read and really you have an original way to say your stories:)
    See you soon:)

  7. Ha… Australia here I come. Travelling to Australia is actually on my bucket list that needs to tickeeeed!!! Thanks for sharing your insight on this.

    1. Australia is the BEST. I really, really enjoyed it. Are you following my Instagram? I’m thinking about making it my main spot for my travels since in can micro blog and post pictures there so easily. Follow @batmantravels on Instagram. I do lots of instastories as well. Thanks for the comment!

  8. Hey my friend, go and get yourself better so you can update us. I wanna know what you got up to while you were here. Penguins hey? You sure you haven’t verb cosying up to some other Aussie bird? 😏

    1. I’m finally feeling better! I’m thinking I’m going to make my Instagram my one stop shop for all my travels though. I feel so redundant sharing there, then sharing to FB, then coming here to write an article around everything! I can just write micro blogs on Instagram and be done! Lol. You’re following so it’ll be one less stop for you! Hooray! lol. I’ll be adding posts daily of my Australian trip so stay tuned on IG!

  9. I just love Australia. I came back from Brisbane and Perth 2 weeks ago. I’ve been in Brisbane 3 times and Perth well the 3 third time but the first time, I stayed there for 5 years. Ha. I have to say that I like Brisbane for its cool sunny weather but it was raining during my last trip so I can’t say that I like it for the weather but it’s a fun city to be if you are into all the theme parks they have there. Australia zoo was a great visit when I was there in my first trip. Now regarding your question which is the best Australia spot, I have to say Perth is the greatest quiet city in the world and Fremantle is just a charming place. Just a day walking along the beach, day visit to the local market, the historical sites including the prison tour and Fish & Chips dinner at Kailis by the jetty is an unbeatable experience. Thanks for shairng your travelling fun there and always enjoy reading what you have in store.

  10. Man looks and sounds like you have an awesome life fill with travel and adventures. Here I am at 31 and I’ve never even been on an airplane. I wish I could do some binge traveling. Maybe one day I can. How do you do it? I will definitely be checking out your blog. You can paint me a good picture of the adventure life and I thank you for that. It makes me think of Penguins from Madagascar. LOL Good movie check it out.

    1. Ha! Thanks Mike! Follow me on Instagram. All the stories of my travels and pics are coming. I’ll be microblogging to Instagram as my one stop shop for traveling so follow me there @batmantravels! Thanks for the comment!

  11. You sound exactly like my husband…leaves his passport renewal until the very last minute! In fact right now he has mailed it away as a requirement for getting a visa for an upcoming job but he also needs it back in time for an international cruise we are going on that leaves next Friday! Talk about stressful, it always works out for him though. I hope your adventures around this great land of ours were loads of fun, I can’t wait to hear about them and see where you got to explore.

    1. Thank you! Your husband does sound like me, lol. I hope you’ll follow me on Instagram. I’m going to be micro-blogging all my stories and pictures there. It’s just so much easier for me instead of doing it there and then repeating over here. Please follow me @batmantravels! Thanks Tennille!

  12. That is an awesome pic in the balloon. I would LOVE to go to Australian some day. Surely you have more pics? Would love to see them! I’ve got a long list of places I’d like to go – I’m a serious wannabe traveler thus far. Oh to be a binge traveler…
    I’ve been to St. Thomas and that area on a cruise…I like warmth. Love your story, keep on sharing!

    1. Ha. Yes the Australia posts are coming. STAY TUNED, WOMAN, lol. From climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge to seeing some of the most epic sights I’ve seen 🙂 Hope you’ll follow the blog so you get to see them. Thanks for the comment!

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