My Australian Adventure Vacation is Now Booked

With the Australian adventure vacation a couple weeks away, I finally booked all my main excursions. Plenty of things to do in Melbourne. Plenty of things to do in Sydney. I don’t think I’m gonna sleep much while I’m dann undah.

In a post a few weeks back I asked for suggestions and you gave me plenty.
While I was doing this I also realized that the travel agent had scheduled my Sydney flight on the wrong date, so I had to re-book that.

But all in all, disaster averted, and I’m pretty much all set.

Things To Do In Melbourne, Things To Do In Sydney


Australian adventure vacation things to do in Melbourne things to do in Sydney
I gave myself a couple of free afternoons so I can fight Aussie crime if need be, but I think I’m getting good bang for my buck. I’m all in for:

  • A day long Great Ocean Road tour,
  • a full day Philip Island Penguin Parade tour,
  • hot air ballooning over Melbourne at sunrise,
  • a pub crawl through the city,
  • a trip to Bondi beach,
  • a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb,
  • a ride on the Melbourne Star Ferris wheel observatory,
  • a tour of the Sydney Opera House,
  • and a day long Blue Mountains all inclusive tour

Australian adventure vacation things to do in Melbourne things to do in Sydney

Australian adventure vacation things to do in Melbourne things to do in Sydney

On my free days in this Australian adventure vacation I figure I can either adventure off on my own or take the hop-on-hop-off double decker tour bus (they have them in both Melbourne and Sydney) and just drink all day enjoy the city highlights. There’s aquariums, a zoo, huge markets…

I’m definitely not running out of things to do.
Australian adventure vacation things to do in Melbourne things to do in SydneyIf anyone wants to follow my Instagram, click the Instagram icon in the upper right up there above the title. Instagram has that cool feature called Instastories (is that what they call it?) where you can take quick video snippets throughout the day and it puts it altogether into a series for the day.

I’ve been using Snapchat, but I finally realized Snapchat is for 12 year old girls and I’m Batman so there’s that.

So you should follow on Insta, and when I head out you’ll get to travel all the way to Australia in my pocket for free 🙂

I still gotta book my hotel stay in Sydney, but that can wait till tomorrow. I’m sleepy. I’m gonna crash.

Am I Missing Anything?

Can you think of anything I’m leaving out? I got plenty of things to do in Melbourne, and plenty of things to do in Sydney, but am I forgetting something? I know I can’t do everything. But if you have something I missed that I could fit in on an easy afternoon, let me know in the comments below.

The hop-on-hop-off bus is great cuz it’ll take me to plenty of the city highlights, but maybe you know one that’s off the grid. Batman likes off the grid.


Batman Travels will consume your life.

26 Replies to “My Australian Adventure Vacation is Now Booked”

    1. I had a blast! I had planned on writing posts each day I was there, but for the first half of my trip the wifi was hit or miss. So now that I’m back I’m going to try my hardest to recap everything 🙂 thanks for the comment!

  1. Heading to Instagram right now to follow you. I can’t wait for my free trip to Australia! I’d like to put in my request that we spend more time drinking beer and less time fighting crime. But that’s just me.

  2. Enjoy my homeland city or maybe I should say, watch out Melbourne, Batman’s coming! 😏 Your list sounds great, I’d personally miss the Star too and go for Eureka instead but regardless, you can’t really go wrong when you’re in Melbourne. Have fun!

  3. Eric,
    Enjoy Australia. This is on my bucket list. I missed my first time when I was in Vietnam, this was our 3 day RR. I was sent home to US instead. I like you have a list for your adventure, this is important when going someplace that you do not know well. I don’t see any out in the water swimming with the sharks on your list, whats up with this.

    1. Ha I actually looked into a swimming with the sharks excursion, but something tells me I should be a good swimmer if I’m signing up for that lol. Great minds think alike. Thanks John!

    1. If I was taking these pics the cool part wouldn’t be the wide angle lens, it would be the time machine I’d have to have to already have taken pictures of a place I’m going to for the first time in a few weeks 😉

      Anybody know where I can get some more plutonium? The Libyans I stole the last batch from blew up in some mall parking lot last time I checked.

  4. Hi Batman,
    I loved this! I’ve never been to Australia and look forward to visiting one day. The list of things to do you gave looks awesome. I look forward to visiting Melbourne and drinking all day … err … hot air ballooning at sunrise.
    Keep up the great work.
    PS – Try to be nicer to Superman next time, okay? He’s got his own issues. He’s doing his best.

    1. Superman has issues alright lol. Atleast he quit wearing his bright red underwear on the outside of his pants lol. Thanks for the comment Kev. I’m very much looking forward to it too!

  5. Sorry Mate, I can’t make any what to do suggestions because I’ve never been down under. It sounds like an amazing place to travel to. How long is your trip going to be?
    I really look forward to your updates and reviews of the spots you visited. Have fun and please stay safe.

    1. What’s up Peter! I’m there 4 days in Melbourne and 2 in Sydney. I’ll definitely be filling this blog up with daily pics and commentary while I’m out there. And there will ultimately be a vacation video to be seen so be prepared 🙂 That’s what I’m good at. Check out my travelogue of my recent adventures and you’ll see what’s coming 🙂 thanks for the comment Peter!

  6. Hi Batman… eh.. Eric,

    I think I have to check your Instastory. I have a brother in Melbourne and a sister in Sydney but I never visited them. I wish in the very near future I can go to them and enjoy everything that you have shared here.

    Love the pictures. They make me want to go to Australia even more!

    1. Oh wow you have family up there and haven’t visited yet? You have to! Save up for a trip and go you’d have the best experience, especially with tour guides who love there! And yes definitely follow on Instagram. Click the Instagram icon up there with my other social media icons above the title or search @batmantravels and follow. Thanks Arief!

  7. Yes an Australia Adventure is a fantastic ordeal. I was in Sydney 2 years ago. And climbing the Sydney Harbour bridge was a real adventure. I’ll be going to Brisbane and Perth in 5 days time and looking forward to a great adventure.

    1. Wow! Do you live on that side of the world or something? You’re lucky! And yeah when I saw the bridge climbing thing I knew I had to do it. Hopefully it’s bright and sunny and I’ll get lots of pics! Thanks for the comment!

  8. Hello from Melbourne! Personally, I’d skip the Melbourne Star, go visit the Eurkea Skydeck then spend an afternoon checking out the city laneways. There’s heaps of good coffee and amazing street art hidden around the city, especially good if you need a break from touristy things. Have a blast!

    1. It was a toss up for me on which observatory to go see. Maybe I’ll just do both. And I’ve heard of the laneways and the street art. That’s so cool. I’ll have to make my way there. Thank you Shirley for the inside scoop!

    1. The package i got includes my stay in Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road excursion. I’ve just beefed it up by adding a couple days in Sydney and all these other excursions. I got it through World Ventures. I wrote a review on them for my other website you can check out here. Most people try to get you in on the business side which I’m not a part of. It’s MLM and not really my style but as a customer you can find some fun packages. Thanks for the follow on Instagram! I’ll follow back, brother.

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