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You can also reach my cell at 555-BATMAN.

Let it ring 7 times then run.

4 Replies to “Contact”

  1. I literally subscribed to your blog because of your disclaimer. No kidding. I clicked out of your call to action to subscribe, read your disclaimer, and clicked BACK onto the subscribe button. Also, I woke up a sleeping kid on my couch when I read your comment about saving $5,000 on Netflix. Seriously, Batman, I want to be friends with you in real life.

    1. Lol, I KNEW that disclaimer was gonna end up ruling, haha. I have my moments, as you can probably tell i like the strike out text a lot. Thanks for subscribing! That really makes my night. Did you follow the facebook page? Cuz I’m still kind of learning the subscribe button i put on here, lol. I got the mailing list down, but the actual send out and notify part is a little tricky still, lol, but I’m getting there. So for now atleast, if you follow the facebook page you’ll always know for sure when a post is out.

      Thanks for the comment Amy. I really like this part actually so always feel free to comment away even if you’re the first.

      If you’re anywhere in australia, thailand, or the west coast in march, may, or august maybe we’ll meet up! Lol 🙂

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