About Me

I want to travel this world so that when I’m old and grey I can say that I LIVED!


My name’s Eric and I started my solo travels in September of 2016. Best decision I ever made.

I want to see every bit of this world, all its different cultures, its history, its food, and all the amazing sights I can!

I’m a second generation firefighter since 2002, and right around the time I started traveling I started building websites and monetizing them. Second best decision I ever made.

I built this website so I could share my travels and inspire others to get out and explore. 

Here’s to wanderlust!

Go out and explore!

Don’t depend on other people if you want to travel this world. Get out and GO! 

If you’re looking for a way to fund your travels, check out my other website WorkFromYourLaptop.com. If you’re ready to dive into some adventures, find a comfy seat, grab some snacks, and dive into the blog. Hope you enjoy my adventures!